“Find here the visio of the round table of March 24, 2021 organized by 2GAP on women’s professional networks as a lever for women’s leadership”

As part of the CSW side events ( Commission on the status of womenof the UN), 2GAP organized a first round table entitled “Women’s professional networks: drivers of women’s leadership to transform our society”.

It was highlighted the need to advance women’s leadership in public and private organizations, especially in their governance and power bodies, so that they act directly on decisions and influence public policies.


Introduction: Nathalie PILHES, President of 2GAP

Theme 1: The women’s professional networks: a lever on the evolution of governance and an asset for public authorities and companies

2GAP brings together women’s and mixed professional networks from traditionally separate sectors: public and private. This conjunction of the two sectors is unprecedented. By sharing their assets and experiences, public and private networks constitute an operational and highly responsive force for proposals and actions, both in the field and at the top of the decision-making chain. 2GAP participated in the “gender scan” study on the impact of professional networks on gender diversity in companies, including in governance and management bodies.

2GAP is also developing research, training and lobbying activities, in particular through a laboratory of ideas that will be a force for proposals to change the legislative and regulatory frameworks within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

Moderator : Marie-Christine Maheas, Coordinator of the Observatory of gender diversity

Stakeholders :

  • Virginie Chapron du Jeu, Director of Finance for the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Group and President of the Alter Egales network
  • Irène Breuil, Director of Kodev and President of the CCI Saint Etienne and FCE Saint Etienne
  • Philippe Darmayan, President of the UIMM
  • Nathalie Pilhes, President of 2GAP and the Modern Administration Network

Theme 2: Women’s professional networks assess the benefits of quotas in the public and private sectors

  • Assessment of the 10 years of the Copé Zimmermann law and European comparative approach
  • Proposals to introduce quotas in the Comex and Codir and to change the Pénicaud index
  • Assessment of the Sauvadet law

Moderator : Anne Durez, President of the Femmes de Loi network

Stakeholders :

  • Françoise Belet, national delegate for professional equality (Association des Administrateurs Territoriaux de France)
  • Anne-Sophie Panseri, Présidente de Maviflex, Ambassadrice de l’index égalité, past-Présidente de FCE France
  • Laurent Fiard, Chairman of Visiativ (listed company) and former Chairman of Medef Lyon-Rhône


Find the recording of the webinar by clicking here. (Code secret: X%b5RGx1)