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One year after its creation, 2GAP has experienced an exceptional dynamic, illustrating the need for women’s professional networks to become an identified and operational resource within organizations, both public and private. In perspective : 2GAP invites you to its event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on March 18, 2021 at 5pm.

The achievements are already numerous : 2GAP develops its base of experts (2GAP Experts), launched last week its network in Africa at the High Level Forum of the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Brazzaville.

2GAP has also made available to public authorities its original modus operandiIt is based on two of its own assets: the immense professional competence and expertise of its networks, which makes it possible to formulate precise and innovative proposals, and their ability to verify them in the field, thanks to the mobilization of their members within their own organizations.

The decompartmentalization between the public and private sectors allows for greater efficiency in the action: the proposals, directly resulting from the expertise and the field, are immediately transposable into public decision proposals.

The Collectif 2GAP, which brings together women’s and mixed professional networks from the public and private sectors, with several tens of thousands of active women in France, provides media professionals and debate organizers, as well as public authorities for their various councils and commissions, with a free and strictly voluntary database of female experts.

A collective of women’s and mixed professional networks from the public and private sectors launched last March, 2GAP has identified, within its own networks, a “pool” of female experts recognized for their specialized skills in multiple fields. The members of 2GAP constitute the very substance of this base.

“Our Experts database gathers women from a wide variety of professional fields in the public and private sectors, belonging to the 2GAP network. Their profiles have been verified and validated. It will be continuously enriched. reminds Nathalie Pilhes, one of the spokespersons of the collective.

The objective of the 2GAP experts’ database is to allow, in particular to journalists, but also to organizers to have access to a very varied pool, easily mobilized to feed their programs, their conferences and debates, their on-line or off-line publications, their reflections, their proposals. It is available free of charge on request from 2GAP website.

About 2GAP

No major global challenge, whether political, economic, social, cultural or ecological, will be met without the effective participation of women in decision-making, whether in the economic world or in public institutions.

2GAP’s ambition is to to make the participation of women in the resolution of all these challenges more effective, more visible, more recognized and more a driving force in a common project for a new world. This is why women’s and mixed professional networks from the public and private sectors have decided to join forces and form a global collective, Gender and Governance Action Platformto allow our societies to advance more rapidly towards this real equality that we do not accept to wait any longer.

Its founding networks in France are : Administration moderne – Alter Egales, the Caisse des Dépôts Group’s gender equality network – BNP Paribas Mixcity Association – Association des administrateurs territoriaux (AATF) – Association Française des Femmes Juristes (AFFJ) – Association pour les Femmes Dirigeantes de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (AFDESRI) ENA 50-50 – European Network for Women In Leadership (WIL Europe) – European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) – Fédération des femmes administrateurs (FFA) – Femmes chefs d’entreprises France (FCE) – Femmes chefs d’entreprises Monde (FCEM) – Femmes de Bercy – Femmes de l’Intérieur – Femmes de Justice – Femmes de Loi – Femmes d’Exception – Femmes des services du Premier ministre – Femmes des Outre-mers – Femmes et Diplomatie – Femmes Huissiers de justice de France – Femmes Ingénieurs – Financi’Elles – Grandes écoles au féminin (GEF) – La Cour au féminin – Observatoire de la Mixité – Prenons la Une – Pluri’Elles – Professionnal Women Network Paris (PWN) – ScPo-Femme et Société by SciencePo Alumni – SNCF au Féminin – TalentuElles. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Contacts :

Nathalie PILHES, nathalie.pilhes@yahoo.fr ; 06 33 31 08 92.

Claire POIRSON, cpoirson@bersay.com; 07 60 62 92 91.

Ariane MECHLER, ariane.benardmechler@bnpparibas.com; 06 81 02 73 93.